Thursday, 26 April 2007

Engage user's pocket

Look back in the year 2005 and messianic prophets talking about mobile advertising.

Financial Times
run a piece about mobile advertising on the front page ( April 6th, 2005 edition) presenting interview with Andrew Robertson the CEO of BBDO, the global advertising agency ( the world's third largest ) .

Why he thought mobiles will become key ad medium in the future ?
It's easy to understand why he thought like many of us, but I wouldn't call it ''key'' medium cause it's just one piece of the advertising puzzle .

The trouble is in the execution. So, rightly he said :

'' You have no way to interrupt because they ( users ) can choose what they can do.The opportunity is if you can create some content that they want to engage with, they can do that all of the time from anywhere.

We´re delighted that many of the smartest thinkers in traditional agencies share our vision of the future. The question for advertisers is whether agencies can do more that talk the talk - does their current business model and company structure allow them to embrace this new future.

We find that Agency chiefs do want to move forward, but find themselves limited by the fact they are essentially factories devoted to creating TV commercials.''

The forcast by Mr. Robertson was way ahead of time and the promise is still not fullfilled. Since then, there was story about YouTube not MobileTube we all know very well...

Mobile phones are just in the ''waiting lanes''.

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