Saturday, 16 June 2007

Mobile checkout provided by PayPal

Oh, Lord, would you buy me, a mobile Mercedes Benz or just send me some money.
Please ...

Mobile phone users within as much 130 countries now will be able to pay for goods and services on the mobile web sites via PayPal Mobile Checkout system which was announced on the 11th June.

This is extremelly good for the merchants and the fact you could do a trade in a very easy way.

Cheaper trading

No need anymore for merchants to use expensive premium SMS provided by mobile operators granted under unfair deals .

PayPay had been offering for more than a year mobile person-to-person paying system for its user, but this gives another dimension ( WAP 2.0 ) which will make buying from the mobile phone and mobile web sites much easier and much profitable for the content providers.

Checkout alternatives

Google must be preparing something along the same route for Google Checkout.
Just I think that PayPay has an edge on the users side cause they are extremelly specialised for electronic payments , only doesn't have branding power of Google ( maybe service franchising with local entreprenuers would do the trick here and spread it more deeply among the uninitiated).
OboPay has some interesting offers too.

The Bank of PayPal

PayPal claims about 130 million users around the globe ( 190 countries ) . Only in Europe there are about 35 million users .
PayPal had become European bank in Luxembourg and was given financial licence recently.

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