Sunday, 10 June 2007

Google One ( FTM * )

A mother of all mobile browsers

Open up your Google One (FTM* ) browser on the dialpad ( mobile phones with ordinary buttons ) :
Just Dial 1 ! It will be 10 clicks less then opening up your Opera Mini ;)

Your phone browser as your most used app on the phone. Your mobile deck, dial pad etc.
Your mobile ''everything'' and splash screen at the same time.

It is the most direct ( excluding touchscreen icons and dedicated G buttons ) way of using mobility web services provided by ''fantasy'' company or third parties.

A phone wrapped up with the ''thing'' we might call browser, but in the end we might not ;)

It will be so personal so we could call this Spoochy ;)
Spoochy from the Web ! ( Spukni to z neta, na hrvatskom ;) )

So, dare you not to advertise your local shop or service with Google and you are out of business very soon. Nobody will find you, nobody will call you. It's the location and call, stupid.

LG !

Now, back to planet Earth ;)

FTM stands for fictional trademark

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