Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Quick innovation

Brain Reactions is a small web tool but does amazing things in a very simple way. Yesterday I become aware I missed to look more closely into it.

It creates, enhance and impoves quality of user inputed ideas. Brainstorming sessions, you know.

Shortly, create an idea in 3 seconds, invite people to come and add their 2 cents to it ( or they'll come from aggregated page ) , later rank those ideas and you get nice idea pool generated by users and the best ideas on top.

Nice way to get ideas, advice and answers , but there's need to be network effect ( critical mass of users when offered as web service ) to make it really useful.

Otherwise, If you do it on the intranet, it could work without these effects and be great way for product evolution.

User interface and navigation is very simple and straightforward. Ideas could be very easly organized into categories and labels ( or even tags ).
Many other add-ons are possible and could be created on top of basic functionality like user's statistics etc.

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