Thursday, 8 December 2005

Old speak

I disagree.
Lurking Loic's wiki about the event in Paris ; LesBlogs conference.

Did I said that I disagree ?
Here's what I read in the main session of the wiki, and I'll be short in my comments:

* definition: what is this new state of mind ?
* How does it challenge the corporate world ?
* How does it change the media landscape ?
* How does it bring more democracy in politics ?
* How does education evolve ?
* What are the tools used and how we can all best benefit from them
* Where we are going in the near and longer term future
* the_european_blogosphere a collaborative work from 50+ bloggers to describe the
European Blogosphere and best cases
* european_startups_and_initiatives around Web 2.0 and social software

New state of mind ? As a long time blogger I can't see that. Do you ?

Challenge corporate world ? Who ? Blogs ? C'mon, I don't buy it. We are corporate world, we want ''wage per hour'', and have time for our hobby- blogging ;) I certanly need that time - more ( lately , busy-blogging ).
It will change PR practices from time to time, and make corporate faces more responsive and open, but in the crisis, they will hit you with common PR speak.

Change media ? Slow, but not blogs ( and other interactive web forms, I'll be damned, I'll write to state that as such, not alone blogs... )
The current media companies are clueless, applying old media strategies looking to find new dynamics, and my thought is that they will find that and make it ''theirs''. Yes, yes, no more ''we the media'', it'll be natural. Murdoch knows that new strategy, and soon it'll have econonomy of scale in attention economy of new born media consuption.

Democracy ? No, but self-serving groups, and interest groups- yes. We still lack of seriouse integration of social software and public sector.
I often see how many in the western world don't realize the difference between public and privat sector. They are preaching about social software from private sector perspective, which is nice for building apps and infrustructure but completly mission impossable for real tasks and needs of the citizens.

Education evolve ?
Yes, it is evolving, I use blogs, podcasts, reading RSS english feeds and learn english I wouldn't otherwise ;))

European start up activity is dead. Be honest. We have immitators, clones and wholesales distributors. There's very little technology inovation. Maybe we should look at Eastern Europe start ups.

Now, that would be something.
Hidden web is just around your european corner ;))

Bonus conference tip, very amusing article over at Robert's blog about Mena's corporate speak :))
Maybe we are all assholes. Or at least, we deserved to be called like that :)

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