Thursday, 15 December 2005

Amazon inovates search engine industry

I am amazed by the innovativeness of Amazon's subsidiary Alexa. They released Alexa Web Crawl which enables ordinary people or startups to build their own powerfull search engines for very little money.
Wired and BBC got the story fast.

Something BIG is coming to search industry. It could have far-reaching effects for many businesses on the web.

Alexa claims that developers, students and startups will be given inexpensive access to an industrial-scale web crawler -- the same technology used by industry giants like Yahoo (Yahoo Slurp) and Google (Googlebot).

Amazon is doing very innovative stuff, indeed. Last month they opened beta version of Mechanical Turk which could bring some other implication for the web with ''webshoring''.

Who would expect Amazon will go into all this ?
Case study for Alexa Web Crawl is Musipedia, an interesting search engine where you can search melodies whisperin or playing short samles of music.

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