Friday, 16 December 2005

Podzinger looks promising audio search

Podzinger is the first search engine with right approach to finding audio/podcasts files via keywords, IMHO. Powered by BBS ( company made first router ever, pioneered VOIP etc.) speech-to-text technology and you can either listen to the full podcast/audio file, or click on the time indicator to fast-forward to just the piece containing your keyword.

That's cool. Up to the point you want listen. That's users control and brings value to this type of search engine.
Take radio shows and other content for example.
With every keyword and little help of RSS you can make your playlist of spoken words and phrases and track it. Just like with Techorati you can do the same for audio, at least in theory.
I see many other services are possible for data retrieval with this approach of mining audio data on the web.

It could really make an easy way for marketers to find ''niche'' audience with Long tail approach.
Podzinger has obviouse intentions with sponsored search in the future. It's still in beta.

Web audio production could have instant benefit , and search engines will be your FM or AM at the end of day ;)) Remember promise of on-demand content ?

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