Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Post-modern eyes

Again, let's do link-blogging for a while. Quick thoughts too.
I like that way of publishing on the web . Hadn't done a lot lately. Remember french chef that are eating only cheese and some quick stuff ;))

It works that I spot some link, news, talk, feed and quickly have something to say without to worry about ''the big picture '' or ''the whole''.

About mashing things up wrote Rodrigo. This is a trend that is present for years . We live in postodern society. The rules are copy & paste, rip-burn-mix !. Remember brit-pop ? Oasis ? Prodigy? That was only the start.
We take some old stuff and with new eyes do something truly beatiful. Say rss feeds. Isn't that begun with Pointcast debacle and some old concepts from Netscape ? There's so many things we can find in the past and with new eyes make a difference.

Remember what one friend said to me: '' You see, Goethe hasn't have notebook with GPRS card, mobile phone with a cam and wasn't connected to so much people ''. We laughed ! By the way, he's the the living legend among croatian writers and knows what is he talking.

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