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My Odeo Channel (odeo/388dde5a19e88c70)

Just made some some changes and added Odeo subscription button. It's a green button on the right.
The channel will contain my audio blog shows posted here as well. I recorded short piece of audio today to claim my channel over at Odeo.com according to the instructions from their help file.

The Odeo team responded quickly as I asked them for help few days ago.
I saw in my logs someone searched for croatian podcast. Well, this is one, but not regular :)) I tried to make a podcast show once a week.

SIDENOTE: It seems Odeo channel doesn't add my mp3s.
The problem could be del.icio.us feeds I submitted ( it's without enclosure support ). And what's the biggest irony I found out, Blogspot ( Blogger ) atom feed doesn't have valid XML code when one has pictures included inside posts.

Not even my Feedburner feed validate ! Pictures inside post guilty again. Therefore it is rejected by Odeo system, it says the link is broken. But my del.icio.us feed took it as valid, unfortunatly, I realised del. feed doesn't support enclosures. What should I do ? Ah, complications.

Thanks Tim for your suggestion and help, yes, it works with the link you said. It is supported feed by Odeo and made a channel. I will claim that channel again.
For those who eventually subsribed to my old Odeo channel, here's a link on a new one.
My delicious podcast feed changed as well.


tim said...

actually we do support enclosures. try http://del.icio.us/rss/zec/system:media:audio

oddly, that is only showing two of the three mp3 files though. hmm, i'm looking into it.

Zec said...

Thanks Tim, I knew del.icio.us would support it, but was in a hurry to look more deeply, short attention span :)
But still, the third mp3 is missing.