Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Blinkx crawls my web audio feed


Title: Blinkx crawls my podcast feed [ LISTEN ]
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As of today , Blinkx crawls my podcasts. I submitted today over at Blinkx who has a lot of buzz lately, apparently Murdoch's News Corp. mulls buying start-up audio/video search engine. If you are podcaster ( posts audio shows on the net) , you must be in their index.

I am not one of those very productive podcasters. This is only my second official podcast here on Zec Online Journal ( My first was here). Previously, I've done experiments with audio format and published few audio shows on the net.

I find difficult for average internet user to produce meaningfull podcast, cause it requires resources such as time and inspiration. Since I'm working full time and do much in part-time, I can't have all of these all the time. And I'm more of the ''text type blogger'' then ''audio type''.

To all potential listeners of these short audio escapades: my english isn't perfect so don't cry foul :))
I'm working on it. The plan is to practice more and more. Have in mind, my whole days conversation is based in croatian language so my accent can't be shiny english :)

Hope, my audio shows will be more interested in the future, and I'll try to be topical with audio content and acctualy craft it around some predictiable themes, like for example Audio News From Croatia. Could be of potential value to the Croats around the world, if done right, I guess ;)

The newest web audio show is on the go...

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