Someone is publishing and displaying my del.icio.us RSS feed ( or just some links- shared interest ? ) over at Novina.com.
The links are aggregated in the left sidebar of the page under IT section. Many links I bookmarked yesterday were up early in the morning on Novina.com.
Can't comment on the site, because comments are disabled.
Grandpa, I wish you you could see this, I'm IT- Destilator right now :))

At the first glance it's a web log and the author is ''gaba''. Seems to be another croatian blog and looks promising. It's tech-log. Good to know there are many more promising blogs. Good news aggregator ( Croatian oriented ) can be found on novina.com

Probably one of the lurkers/ invisible readers here on ZeOnJournal.
I removed del.icio.us aggregation links from my blog some time ago.

So, finally, there's some feedback ;))
Zec Online Journal says hello to Novina !

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