Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Web 2.0 roses

These two sites were unknown to me. - Microsoft is experimenting with ''personal web'' concept. - Allows hight valuable bloggers to recive micropayments.

Let's talk about first. Nice ajaxed web app, surprisingly agile team from Microsoft and seems they are onto something. Not completely unseen but could be powerful and nice service in the future.
Search is main component as far as I can tell. Oh, rss reading too.
I am playing only few moments and immediatly write my thoughts here.

After writing search query, scans web, news and rss places. My first query was '' Croatia''. The response is good and the results are relevant. Now I can choose to look at recent news and rss feeds only with ONE click !

Amazing, the buttons for subscribing to some rss feeds about Croatia is at hand, instantly .
Left pane of the site gives me opportunity to categorize these feeds . Woh ! I got deja vu now ! I't's exactly what I thought about croatian rss feed service ( potential ) for average internet users.

Up to the point.
I can't write any more. I discovered my legos :))

Later more on that.

When this service comes out in beta , Feedlounge will be somehow obsolet.
I think this is web based rss reader for the masses. Yes,
They need to put social bookmarking too. MS team has a blog from the ;))

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