Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Human brain doesn't work like computer

The Cornell University study concludes that human brain doesn't work like computer. Instead, the mind works like a dynamic continuum.
People can't be programmed like PCs. The mind is more than just a order of 0's and 1's. Even though the humanity likes to call brain ''human computer'', newly released studies aren't on that path. Still, some projects , just like IBM's Blue Brain Project, are under way with a goal to map the brain and unearth its secrets.
It's close to possible that human brain will stay secret to all of us forever. Every human is distinct for itself. In the name of science and health, further scientific research of brain is needed, but it's hardly to expect its complete mapping .
The above mentioned project conducted by IBM engeeners is distinct from all trials befores because it is using raw power of supercomputers and not laboratory studies.
But, at the end, IBM hopes to find how, by the latest theories, brain rewires itself, so that they could use and apply this logic to the new generation of supercomputers.
And it is not just brain research that will benefit from the Blue Brain project. The latest theory is that brain circuitry is in a complex state of flux, the brain rewiring itself every moment of its existence. If the scientists can crack open the secret of how and why the brain does it, the knowledge could lead to a revolutionary new breed of supercomputers. Such computers could make today's supercomputers look like lumbering analog calculators!

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