Monday, 11 July 2005

Our internet, your internet

True, what Joi Ito, japanese blogger, said about ''internets''. I like his thought that average individual doesn't notice internet ( web content ) outside of their country.
I would say that the average individual probably doesn't really notice the Internet outside of their country or really care about content not in their native language.

How true; there are numerouse examples where local markets and cultures dictate what web content ( especially which web service ) user will prefer. I mean, does Yahoo, Amazon or Ebay can deliver ( no matter how strong brand they have ) succesfull web service into emerging economies ( Russia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia ) ?
I doubt so.
Very clear to me when speaking about Croatia. As I wrote, before, for example, we had numerouse service available on the web for auctions, but neither of them had successful service and users hadn't care.

They prefer barter trade but with other means, like special ad papers and web editions of these papers to exchange things, and not to ''auction'' things.

But in the end, I don't think such behaviour will hinder proliferation of ideas and global voices on the internet.

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