Monday, 4 July 2005

Jajah takes on Skype ?

Newly released software Jajah, for making phone calls over the Internet, aims to gain market share in crowded VOIP industry where Skype dominates. The Austrian based team released last week desktop client available for free downloading which installs onto users PC and enables to make calls between PCs, PCs and landlines, PCs and mobile phones and to SIP phones.

Jajah marks itself as revolutionary web phone whose users can call their buddies on Skype and some other Internet telephony networks .
Some say it's important to have interoperability between VOIP providers but it should be done with consent of participants to safeguard security and privacy issues.
Jajah has many standard features in their software client such as audio and video calls, text messaging, chat, call on landline phones with applicable fee.
Communication expert Robin Good thinks it's killer application for Internet telphony, but some skeptics call Jajah team responsible for unprepared release and advise more work should be done to make a significant impact in the crowded VOIP space.

Skype is the most popular program for making phone calls over the Internet with almost 40 milion users around the world.
In the past few years Internet telephony gain on popularity curbed by wider acceptance of broadband Internet acces and prove that it can lower communication cost for international calls.


Anonymous said...

how can Jajah talk to Skype users?

Anonymous said...

just type "skype:username" in the big field in the header of the application and press RETURN or search your skype-buddy via the jajah-search.