Thursday, 27 January 2011

CashBase Tracks Money

Web & iPhone app for simple cash flow tracking

Build out of frustration with available personal finance software , CashBase was made by Filip Chereches-Tosa and Radu Lucaciu from Romania with attention to detail and a bit of Web design philosophy preached by the folks at 37Signals .

It is indeeed very clean and simple Web 2.0 app for tracking your monthly earnings and expenses.
The principle is money-in / money-out, so it gives you clean picture about the cash flow.

Even the colors are right. Invitation button for sign up is blue ( blue's the color of finances ), earning side is green and spending side is red.

Sign up process is fast. !5 seconds later you're good to go.
Left side is for earnings, right side is for expenses.

The central point of the app is ''transaction'', whether adding or subtracting amounts.
It is possible to create many wallets or accounts and track cash flow for each account.
Each transaction tags with certain date or the range of dates so you can use analytics feature from the right menu and see the stat / graphical presentation of the cash flow.

More so, app is promising to be able to predict your cash flow in the future based on the history.

Mobile component is there as well. iPhone app is in the AppStore and allways in synch with Web version.

One important aspect of every money app is data privacy. CashBase does state full support for secure connection and data verified by GlobeSSl. The credibility could be easy lost with any mishandling of sensitive private data, so this is critical promise .

CashBase is nice little app, but it is still work in progress and it can be improved with more features or add-ons not compromising simplicity.

It left me with desire to have this few wishes: Terms of service ( my law opsession ) still not up, easier way for making new wallet/account ( not geeky syntax like @newAccount, deposit ) , stats menues should be more visible ( they're too grey ) , ability to calibrate your account for losses from the start, summary of all accounts/wallets, ability to add spending category/tag/label, different currencies etc.

I can easily imagine that this app could be one day with enhanced functionality offered on the market- premium accounts.
The base is certainly there.

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