Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mobile VC Investment

Mobile now represents 34 percent of all tech venture capital, according to research from CapitalIQ.

A kind of gold-rush fever seems to have hit the finance world, as consumer usage, mobile traffic and the number of advanced mobile devices have boomed. People are begnning to think of mobile as potentially the primary platform for computing and getting connected. As Rajeev Chand, head of research for Rutberg, notes: “What RIM did for e-mail, iPhone and Android are doing for all of computing.”

It has also helped that mobile’s developing a very strong track record for big exits. Witness recent deals:
—Starent (sold to Cisco for $2.9 billion),
—Atheros (sold to Qualcomm for $3.1 billion),
—AdMob (bought by Google for $750 million),
—Quattro (sold to Apple for $275 million), and
—ngmoco (sold to Japanese games company DeNA for nearly $400 million).

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