Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How important will be Google Web Store ?

Google Chrome OS now makes sense more and more

I am excited about Google Web Store and the evolution of the Web.

First time I felt so much excitment about Web / Internet when I was able to write an URL address in the browser. It was a web page with simple navigation. Whole new world of information.

Second time I felt so much excitment when I visited Blogger.com and created account to be able to post my first blogging post. I created my Web.

( in the meantime , there was a story with ajax functionality, Gmail etc. We all felt hope that software will be delivered over the cloud and behave just like our deskopt apps )

Third time I felt so much excitment when Apple introduced iPhone App Store and when I was able to pull apps I was eager to use. On my mobile phone, and wherever I am.

Fourth time I was excited when I saw iPad and the iPad Apps.

Fifth time I am excited because of Google Chrome Web Store.

This is evolution of the Web. Your web page as an app. Yes, there were many those web apps in the Web 2.0 ecosystem. But this is bigger. HTML5 and standard web technologies are building momentum for revamp.

It's all about Web App.

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