Monday, 11 October 2010

Bruno Mars : Doo Wops Hooligan

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Just the way you are
Michael Jackson singing from Space.
Bruno sings about the girl who looks natural and wants her to stay so. But, he's fool. Women do change like everything in this universe. The girl is a bit unsecure, probably younger.

Liquor Store Blues
reggea dance blues
One shot of whiskey and you're thinking that you run the whole block.

Oh yoy, he'll put his hand on fire for her, but she will not do the same. No reciprocity. But he's dancing in the gym anyway, cause it's RnB !

Nothin' on you ft. Lupe Fiasco
Driving and dreaming. Just drive

Our first time
Intimate with Prince and M. Jackson

Runaway baby

This should sing Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger ;))

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