Friday, 29 October 2010

Growth Mantra

What if...economic growth as a concept is overrated ?

The Western world
economies are in impatient waiting for the new economic cycle to start. Growth will save them, conventional wisdom goes. Economic growth.

Plus 2 %. Plus 4 %. And every other year more and more. Again and again. Growth and profit.

Is this expectation realistic ? Is this expectation really needed ?

That's what I started asking my self after hearing BBC Business news. What if economies without growth ( or minimal growth ) is ''the new normal'' ?

How this relates to something some economists call sustainable economies ?
I don't have an answer yet, but try to look for that trend.

It is very interesting to see how Britain forms and supports so called Local Enterprise Partnerships

“The knowledge and expertise of the private sector, local authorities and their local communities will be crucial as we work to create a better environment for business and ensure that everyone has access to the opportunities that growth brings.”

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