Thursday, 8 February 2007

Mobile TV, but for offline viewing

Selling hand-potato lifestyle :)

Mobile TV, which was before some time beyond my comprehension, will most likely be success. Eventually it will be.
Add-on for normal TV viewing habit.
We are too early in the market, if we can say ''market'' at all. Tough to sell.

Who would want to look TV on a mobile phone ? Currently, the concept is not widely understood. I had a trouble for a long time and couldn't find much reason.

Well, just imagine if you have a situation where many handsets ( the time will come ) have an in-built tuner for DVB-H signal, and you get some cheap programming, you most certainly would be tempted to try it out.
At least for some porn or betting ? Don't you ? ;))

It happened to me today when I was discussing with my neighbour about digital TV ( DVB-T ).
He asked me whether I was looking to buy DVB-T reciver to get digital TV .

I wasn't much informed about DVB-T before, but indeed, we have this ability in about 60-70 % of croatian territory. You need to buy reciver and be lucky to live on the territory with signal coverage and you are good to go ( do not need to pay for any service ).

So, I felt, this can be very easy adopted for mobile phones.
The broadcasters could upgrade equipment with DVB-H specifications, and if mobile operators step in with 3G service, you need ''just'' to buy phone with DVB-H tuner ( and pay for the service, he, he ).

It'll take time to take off as a viable business, but if experience is smooth, and pricing structure done right, then we can watch in Croatia pretty soon mobile TV . Vipnet, actually, started the first croatian mobile TV with Vodafone Live .

But watching is different pair of shoes. What's the point to ''catch'' with TV programming and today's TV scheduling ?
If the ''time-shifting'' model is what we expect to be more in use these days, then why not watch it offline or watch it , at least, more conveniently ( mobile PVR ) ?
If we are watching it offline, then it's not mobile TV anymore, but on-demand content.

Maybe we could label our TV show just like we bookmark web sites with these days. Save it, and watch it when you have time to do so ( record, download ).

The digital standards are raging wars among providers, and handsets are still beyond mass market.
The key is user's experience and price. Attracting world class content providers will be important step as well.

Just some my messy thoughts about mobile TV.
More to learn as we go further down the mobile road.

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