Tuesday, 20 February 2007

''Freshmen'' enters japanese mobile market

Fast and flat. No, it's not fat.

Japanese mobile market enters eMobile , a mobile arm of japanese ISP eAccess, with main points of its offer , aimed at business customers.

E-M ONE at the glance:

- mobile broadband plan - HSDPA ( all-you-can-eat ) for a fixed fee of 50 $ a month ,
- Sharp widescreen PDA / smartphone with Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system,

Also packed into the device is 802.11b/g wireless LAN, Bluetooth and a tuner for Japan’s mobile digital television broadcasts.

If eMobile can successfully attract customers in Japan through aspects such as price and speed, it may offer a breath of fresh air for the japanese mobile industry's stale phone and data pricing schemes.


Anonymous said...
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BeijingMan said...

Hi Zec, mobility is the issue!

But actually, what is mobility? Services and the way we use them? Or maybe late phase of hype since mobile phones have been long time available and can't offer much surprise any more? We also got userbility and then playability.

Then came iPhone, and no ----bilities in it. Apple just gave a lesson to other industry players who claimed to understand mobility, that they didn't.

Much of the phone markets are heading towards commodity phase. There, its all about price, meaning that vendor with most efficient logistics and manufacturing wins.

Well, we will have highend products and services, and there we hopefully get rid of all the rest fixed-points in our lives. So it's still "Long Live Mobility"!

- BeijingMan

Zec said...

Hi Beijing Man,
Today I become aware of your blog and enjoyed happy reading about your China experiences.

Look, I'm actually learning ''everything'' ( in my spare time ) about supposed mobility , so in some cases, my views about the issues could be seen as naive.
But I belive in evolution :))

Yes, I agree with you about commodity phase in the phone business.

Initially, I was disappointed by iPhone. I knew it's ''internet-phone'', but will iPhone satisfy all important mobility issues ? Maybe.

But my final conclusion will come when I got one in my hand.
But, the question is valid, why all these Motorolas, Nokias and other players didn't seem to respond properly with more usable multimedia and internet phones that have clean UIs?

From the end user perspective , iPhone's appearance will bring about positive change in this ecosystem ( dot com's first to prosper from this mindset , I guess ? ).

Thanks again for stoping by on the blog nobody reads, and I am glad because of that :) It doesn't make me stupid in front of larger crowd :)