Tuesday, 7 March 2006

AllPeers for the Next Net

The new exciting Firefox plug-in called AllPeers, still unreleased , brings new exciting promises for effective file sharing on the web.

Allpeers is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing application that will enable millions of users to share their audio, video and other files with their friends and families directly from web browser interface without waiting and uploading.

At least, that's the promise.

Take a look at their FAQ explanation, and watch Technorati tag for new updates or official blog.

The news is that they just got funded by some venture capital firms. The founders of successful web phone Skype got in the game

I've seen some screenshots of the AllPeers plugin, but I had mixed feelings, just like in this article.

Are plug-ins mass markets ? Are they intended to be ? This is mixture of peer-2-peer and bittorent philosophy, and will have to fly on network effect to make really useful.

Still, if there's a promise to invest in this thingie, one should ask about business model. At first, I can't find logical business model. Or, is it just me ?

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