Saturday, 18 March 2006

Defibrillator in your chest

Watch out, you brave heart, it's me - The doctor

People who suffer from heart problems will be able to get help via transmitter that sends data about heart conditions over mobile networks to their doctors.
Australian newspaper reported about a victorian man that became first australian with heart implantant called defibrillator.

The device, already in the chests of 30,000 Europeans and Americans, means doctors can monitor their heart patients from the comfort of their own home - regardless of where the patient happens to be in the world.

Nice to have real time data over mobile, but what about response in emergent situation ? It is more about state's health system than technology.

I can imagine doctor sitting in the comfort of their home with leggs up on the desk, smoking cigar , sendind SMS message that you should slowdown because you risk another burnout ;)

Could my privacy be in danger if my doctor use insecure IT system and secret service gets data about your heart activity ? Or your spouse ?
Just joking ;)

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