Sunday, 19 February 2006

Videoblogs in Croatia

The first croatian videoblogging tool is released and can be found on

Their aim is to become premier place in Croatia for sharing video content over the internet.
Noble aim, indeed.

Currently, broadband connections are on the rise in Croatia, but far from the point where network effect could be sustainable and beneficial for videoblog service providers.

For the production of is responsible croatian team Tramot d.o.o. - a Zagreb web developing company with 20 employees. At least, that's what could be found in the notice.

The users can create account with 100 MB free space for their videos ( all kinds od files are supported ) and put them on their blog.
It's very fresh service , and not completly finished ( I would say half-finished and rushed ) so users will have to - yet to come.

What makes me confusing is the fact that for the backend of blog engine is responsible BlogSystem – a commercial engine which could be bough for 499 dollars .

So, whether backend was acctually designed in Croatia or customized ? I don't know.

What makes me happy is the fact that croatian cyberspace follows current trends on the global web.

The proactive and fresh approach started, IMHO, in year 2004 with the advent of croatian blogging tool Since then, many ideas about newest web apps were popping up over the croatian web, and enthusiasm grows every day and we are reconnected with global web trends.

Since then, , X portal, and the now find their place under the sun or eventually they will.
It's ideas that matter and execution will come.

We'll see what follows next.


Anonymous said...

"What makes me confusing is the fact that for the backend of blog engine is responsible BlogSystem ..."

It is also responsible for the front end :) is just an installed copy of an older version of Blog System with the video blogging extension ...

Zec said...

Oh, well, thanks for the clarification ;)
Long live BlogSystem .

noebius said...

Hi. In PC Chip is nice text about blog add-ons. I am thinkin in going to own domain for all blogging needs - blogger have some shortages. So, by your opinion, for dedicated blog, videoblog, audio blog and so on on your own domain - what is winning solution? No need to be free, but if software is open source, I would prefere it... thnx, Davor

Zec said...

Hi Davor. Sorry for the late response...Hm, to be honest, I haven't seen nice package for winning solution you are talking about ( I don't count classic portal CMS in that category ).
Maybe you should go wih WordPress and fill the gap with add-ons.

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me what makes run, adminmaxCMS ?

Zec said...

No, it runs on power. God bless Nikola Tesla for that.