Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Joi Ito in Croatia

As far as I can remember, I am reading Joi Ito's blog since 2002.
He's in Croatia for few days. I hope to meet him tomorow in Zagreb since I will be there with my team from Blog.hr, croatian blogging service which will incorporate Creative Commons license for its users.
First , Joi opened session in Dubrovnik for an annual croatian academic conference, and tommorow he'll have session Economy of sharing at Novinarski dom Zagreb.
I feel he's like my long not seen ''blogging friend'', only he doesn't read my blog ;)) I think we would have a lot to chat once we meet.


Anonymous said...

oh my...
first of all, i must say this is one of very few croatian blogs i read.
tonight i was looking at you, trying to understand where i have seen your face before.
now i know. :)


Zec said...

Small world after all...;)
nice to meet you yesterday, i wish i could attend today's events in Zagreb.
Hope you found other croatian bloggers, there are not many who do write blogs in english, Drax blog ( political ) is one of the best.
Phillip, thanks for coming by, thanks for link, I'll check your blog.
And I taught nobody's reading this tiny publication I do for my personal joy :)
But, been busy lately, and my PC is crashing all the time.
YT, i was considering send you an email with some contextual explanation over Blog.hr project and blogging in Croatia in general.
I'll send you over at email found on your personal CC card, if that fine with you ?