Monday, 28 November 2005

Blogging in the Enterprise

Recent findings and statistics about blogs in the ( US ) enterprises. When will someone make study for croatian enterprises ?

Clearly, US is fertil ground for ideas related to blogs in the enterprise. The source of latest , seems very relevant, study is made by GuideWireGroupe for iUpload.

The headline statement is that as many as 89 percent of US companies currently blog or plan to start in the near future.
They do it for internal and external communication. 63 % of those for internal use are for knowledge sharing, and 44 % said they blog for internal communication.
61 % of those for external use are doing it for PR and marketing purposes.

The adoption rate is higher among smaller companies and those with fewer than 100 employees and with the revenue less than $ 100 million.

On top of that, more than 30 percent CEOs have blogs, and they blog because of greater transparency to customers and stuff and a channel of daily communication.

Still, I doubt this percentage for CEOs blogs is realistic, because according to Millward Brownfor study made for Burson - Marsteller and PRWeek, of 131 CEOs surveyed about 7 % had a blog.

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