Monday, 28 November 2005

About Google Base

Late to the party with Google Base. I think, just like they are late to the party with Google Reader, at least for those advanced users of net. The other will probably use niche products.

Base is nice for their index, lot's of content could find its place there. But, it not finished product yet, there's no added value for the net users , for example would be nice to have Google Base Badge, just like Flickr has for pictures to be displayed on the blog / web site, so I could offer some items on my blog I have for selling .

I don't think that Base is treat to Craigslist or EBay at this point of time, at least not from the users point of view. But, there's tremendouse power Google posses and could take a piece of ads cake.

The evolution of service could bring Google edge later on, with users input about imperfaction.
Why's Google UI sall I say, not-interesting at all.

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