Friday, 14 January 2005

Better than Skype?

PhoneGaim is another softphone that makes buzz and waves with minimal marketing effort. Skype is still ahead of game only in terms of brand and buzz, IMHO. And they are nowhere saying it's peer-to-peer as Skype.

I didn't use it, but I've seen some articles about PhoneGaim over at some VoIP blogs. It's looking promising reading FAQ section. Deeper digging reveals who's behind these efforts. It's Michael Robertson ( Lindows ) and SIPhone.

One of the main differences vs.Skype is dedicated virtual number ( US only ) for inbounding calls from fixed and mobile lines and free voicemails.
At the top of that, it will be very soon, according to some rumors , interconnected with Skype users.
Currently , it supports other IM networks as well. Skype still has almost certanly better user interface and some other features done well.

So, in the end, it's more open than Skype.
Will test it soon. The quality of calls is important feature so it must be closely tested, althought they are promising to be working well on dial up lines.

Update: I haven't had luck installing PhoneGaim. It couldn't run it on my PC. So, I am sticking with Skype further.

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