Friday, 4 September 2015

Composing Music

Writing a unique song through melodic, rhythmic and lyrical ingenuity.

Music is organized sound.

It is melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, and form.

The structure:

- intro - mirrors chord progression in 1st verse

- first verse

- muted chorus

- second verse

- bridge

- full chorus

- modified verse with backvocals

- regular verse

- full chorus 2 x

- outro

Formula would be:
A (verse modified as an intro, with no vocals)
A (verse)
B' (modified chorus - we use the apostrophe here to denote that this is a modified version of the principle chorus)
A (verse)
B (full chorus - note that we have the full, regular chorus here, so no modifier)
A' (modified verse - now with a slightly altered melody and backing vocals)
A (verse - back to our primary verse)
B (chorus)
B (chorus)
B' (chorus modified as an outro)

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