Thursday, 17 September 2015

7 Core Beliefs

Of People Over Profit Companies

Belief 1
People Matter

How you make customers and employees feel about themselves, says a lot about your business. Learn the 3 key mindsets required to treat team members like people, not parts.

Belief 2
Truth Wins

Leaders must tell the truth completely, tell the truth quickly, and tell the truth clearly. Understand how the best companies have harnessed truth to drive sales, exposure, and loyalty.

Belief 3
Transparency Frees

Company vulnerability + management accessibility = transparency. Learn how the best leaders found profitability and performance in the absence of hiding, shielding, or manipulating information.

Belief 4
Authenticity Attracts

Fight the lie and resist the urge to become someone else. Become who you really are by discovering the 5 questions defining the world's most connected brands.

( credit to Dale Partridge )

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