Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Waiting For Virgin Web Business

Brand that never stops

Random Web surfing got me into research of the british Virgin Group. I admire Richard Branson, founder of the Group, very much. He's an inspiring entrepreneur.

Long-time plan is to read one of his books.

One particular moment struck me reading about his business ventures. Virgin brand never acctually made any meaningful success in the Web/ Internet business arena.

At the beggining of the millenium, Virgin was making inroads into direct Web selling of cars and bikes. Later, there wasn't any major investment into e-commerce ( if we don't count Virgin America's flight reservation ). Before that, Virgin got into ISP business and later sold the stake .

On the other hand, mobile telecom business was a success. Virgin Mobile was agressive and easy to use MVNO.

Which brings me to conclusion, Mr. Branson's having a lot of open space to try in the future with e-business ( Web / Internet ) in general.

My suggestion to him would be: Virgin Cloud - sort of utility for future cloud- computing, Virgin Wallet - mobile payment for everybody ( could be part of Virgin Money franchise ), Virgin Water - bottled water, water distribution made different, Virgin Apps - software distribution over the Web Etc.

Time to start following Sir Branson on Twitter.

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