Friday, 12 March 2010

SXSW Interactive - Day 1

My notes

AOL pays website contributors, bookmarked, Seed program launched, citizen journalism revival

=: @aolseed - twitter
=: looks music oriented, yes , AOL Music
=: StreamPad powered
=: they want SXSW contributors to interview all 2000 music performers
=: ''you need to follow our standards of responsible reporting and accept our publishing program agreement''
=: couldn't they just contact journalism students and make them assignments ?
=: you must have AIM :((
=: AOL Seed - content creator network , paid
=: Seed available only to writers from USA
=: Seed publishing agreement- good

Chevrolet, electric car - 2011 Volt

=: do they know electricity is expensive
=: what ? Charging every 30 - 40 Miles, are they nuts ?
=: gasoline is there, just in case :))
=: 8 hours for charging
=: battery car, cool
=: energy federal incentive for buyers, about $ 7500
=: this is cool product for electric enthusiast
=: American pay 12 cents for kilowatt
=: the OnStar mobile app

Pepsi Refresh Project

=: another marketing incentive , new media style
=: appeals to individual that wants to change world with ideas, oh my, another illusion
=: crowdsourcing marketing
=: money incentive , different amounts, financing positive change
=: I could run this program when I become philantropist
=: how to attract people who care to vote on ideas ? Gaming system ? Intuition work the best,
=: too much people care for our Planet :)

SoBe Tea

=: northern of the convention center, walk the Trinity street to Brush Square Park
=: it's about PepsiCo energy drinks after all :((
=: South Beach Beverage Co.
=: weird - 3G add-on on every product name
=: they call it ''elixirs'', even life waters :)

Microsoft promoting Silverlight and Digital Living Room

=: Is Bill Gates having DLR ?
=: set-top-box nirvana and digital content, even for free, just buy those movies,
=: a lot of experimentation
=: Apple should build on that dream
=: Media Center and Xbox
=: more interactive advertising opportunities
=: Xbox is crying for app store
=: it's about web video distribution
=: flash competitor

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