Friday, 12 March 2010

iPad Begins Online Retailing Process

Consumer interest insane, almost irrational

Insane online retail starts today for the most hyped gizmo in the World, namely iPad , preorders are possible through Apple Store USA.

Demand is incredible, and I am not sure, how this early adopters become so fanatical. Apple factor is never to be underestimated. This is bigger pent-up demand compared to iPod and iPhone launch ( OK, maybe not for that one ).

Good thing about the data plans will be that it won't require long contract binding.

First generation of iPad will be interesting to explore and see the usage in the first two months , how will people put it in a real use and what kind of creative content it will bring. What will work and what not.

iPhone apps will use much bigger screen estate. Not sure how many of those 150.000 apps will look nice in a full screen landscape mode.

There are things I am especially eager to see; iBooks - e-book renessaince ( special book experience ), newspaper and magazines monetisation opportunities, HD video delivery, and last thing; is there a market for desktop grade applications on the iPad.

iWorks sold by Apple for about $ 10,00 is interesting start. I think in a matter of few monthts, we will be able to use some amazing productivity and entertainment apps with a whole new paradigm in design.

Cloud computing element is interesting to see as well.

I think, we as consumers shouldn't judge iPad before we have a chance to put it in action and spend some time with the gadget.

So, only time will tell. We'll find out that very soon. However, We should lower our expectation, at least for know.
The quirks and shortcomings of the first generation will be almost certanly corrected in later editions.

Note to Apple; you should make iPhone nano device with more phone centric design, smaller form factor.

The iPad starts at $499 for the 16-gigabyte model with only Wi-Fi. The 32GB model is priced at $599 and the 64GB version sells for $699. The models with both 3G and Wi-Fi cost an additional $130.

Free delivery from April 3rd.

Let the games begin. This time, it is expected by some influental commentators like ARM Holdings people that iPad , in its first year, will face compatition from about 50 vendors .

But Apple's having ready and proven ecosystem - platform ( iPhone, iPad, iPod development ) which is unifying force and developers are able to port code, have fun and make money .

If you are not Apple fanatic and uber-geek, you should check some potential competion in the months ahead and wait for consumer decision.
I mean at the first place on these future products: HP Slate, The Notion Ink Adam, JooJoo, Archos Home Tablet, Dell Streak, Dell Mini, Entourage Edge, Asus Eee tablet, Compal tablet, MSI tablet, Quanta, Que tablet etc. Qualcomm and Nvidia with its chips will play almost equally important role.

It is significant news that Google is somehow left behind in this game. Google Android tablet will come to life sooner or later, but this time Google is latecomer.

Just like other big players, Nokia and Intel.

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