Monday, 23 June 2008

Modu, a personal mobile device

Old fashion victim or the real gadget ?

Could it be more to ModuMobile than some strange avanguard/fashion experience or an extreme customisation experiment ( jackets ) for mobile phone ? Pics from Barcelona 2008. Have not too much hopes.

Some investors seem to think that way and they could be ready to take ( $ 100 million ? ) a second round ? ( The first round was raised by Gemini Israel Funds and Genesis Partners. )

I have mixed feelings . This phones can take many forms, but at the same time I ask myself could these devices become an engine for the array of mobile apps ( deal with Universal Music ? )
Personalising your mobile phone is an individual ( social ) statement which is an old news ( people want more flavors for his mobile toy ).

ModuMobile does reminds me about various conceptual handsets made by major mobile phone vendors and looks like a mobile phone still in the lab ( years away from the market ) , but Telecom Italia seems to be already having close co-operation with Israeli start-up.

Going deeper into my research, I can see that the founder is Dov Moran ( he made his fame with DiskOnKey – so he's an USB flash drive expert )

ModuMobile has developed a cellular handset that can be connected to a USB port on any computing device. It is based, among other things, on flash memory technology, and a unique memory technology that interfaces with any device it is connected to, enabling the uploading all forms of data, from telephone numbers to multimedia files.

Having in mind how these days USB sticks for wireless access are all the rage in the 3G world as a selling point, you get a point... connected consumer electronics devices ?

Hmmm....but, as I said, I have mixed feelings ( overstreched expectations by ModuMobile ) about too much avanguard with design forms regarding mobile phones ( we've seen a lot of design failures in this industry ).
How good marketing you need for this to succeed ? Who can pay for that :))

ModuMobile does blog.

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