Wednesday, 11 June 2008

iPhone era

A brick for the ''fast'', ''aware'' and ''social'' mobile Web with a better sales touch

Extremely wise choice by Apple for the release of 3G iPhone.

Apple 'Inc. will launch new iPhone 3G in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria July 11. It's in Europe ( T-Mobile empire ) , and what is best of all ; later this year, T-Mobile will start offering the phone to customers in Croatia ( my country ) , the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia ( Eastern Europe )

What does this tell us ? Where's global test bed for brave new mobile world ? Welcome to Eastern Europe.
Just as I preached here on Zec Online Journal blog for years hehehe. Thanks Steve, now I like you more ( before ).

Just a short note, iPhone is now indeed gaining first-mover advantage and with some smart and practical solutions ( Web as a platform, good carrier deals, solving music downloads, SMS services ) could be pervasive in the next few years just like iPod ( but needs to put more flavor to it ) . Nokia and Google won't give up.

''Giveaway'' is expected as well. Go to sleep ;)

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