Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Walkman phone w960i

Multimedia phone for beauty contest

Sony Ericsson W960i is entering ''modern'' aproach to mobile handset design and goes after iPhone and N95 market product range ( modern you bet, nice wording ;).

Beautiful design with superb functionality and easy controls ( at least for music, I am not sure how they'll implement it for Web experience ) .
A holy grail of a multimedia handset.

It seems to be more evolutionary approach then revolutionary ( Apple's way ) . Sony Ericsson doesn't insist on radically addressing poor handset controls but making it somehow hybrid ( buttons still there ).

W960 looks powerful:
- memory : 8GB
- Symbian™ OS
- 2.6" Touch screen
- 3.2 mega pixel with Auto Focus
- USB Mass storage device
- Video recording at 320X240 with 15fps in mpeg4 for Video & AAC for audio
- MS Exchange ActiveSync
- Jog Dial
- Document editors

Photo from Esato

1 comment:

Andrea Trasatti said...

The buttons seem too small and too tight.

We all know that the screen doesn't provide feedback when you click, I think that for the iPhonoe this lack is actually surpassed by the advangated of the multituch and ability to interact with what you see on the screen, but what is the technical and user-interface advantage of having the "play" futton on the screen?

I'm a big fan of Sony Ericsson (and I always use my W810i), but this doesn't seem like a winning design, at least for me as a user.