Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Quick reminder

For those of you just introduced to this blog, I am back after 9 months.
I began publishing with Blogger in early 2002.
First, it was written in croatian and now it's in english.

It was personal diary at first, and later on I began writing more about World Wide Web services, apps and products, about media and business, Croatia etc.
Just to remind myself with an old quote why I made a switch to english:
I am starting to write this blog in english. The desicion starts as of today.
Not sure yet whether it'll be pure english -worded blog or coctail regarding blog language. Croatish, somehow :))
Obviously, it depends a lot on my mood and inspiration. Yes, and time !
There are few reason for this sudden change.
First, my english skills aren't as good , and blog writing could be incentive for learning .
Second, it's about challenge ,too.

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