Saturday, 21 January 2006

Office Live to break low-end hosting ?

After reading PC World's article about Microsoft Office Live services coming to pre-beta phase, one thought poped up in my mind.

If Microsoft says that Office Live will be at first aimed at business users including triple-bundle of free web domain ( subdomain ), hosted site and e-mail app, could it put pressure for low-end hosting companies ?
Microsoft released pre-beta e-mail for Office Live about two weeks ago that said the service will offer a free Web site with a domain name, hosting services, online business applications, and e-mail, according to

Microsoft stated before its intent to gain users among SMB crowd.

So, logical step for Google would be to make similar tactics ( Gmail's way ) and make triple- bundle including domain names, hosting ( significant storage and building app ) and e-mail app.

Hosting is commodity these days, and Google would get opportunity to sell ads on basic accounts ( pro versions would be paid , just like MSN's ), and users will get more choice , in straightforward manner , for internet presence.

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