Monday, 23 January 2006

Dayparting matters

See how Google defines dayparting.
It's about time of a day and the web site's content .
Of course, and his majesty User.

Seattle PI tested those dayparting concepts and learned the lessons.

It's useful after all, but not for all purposes and radical intervention of user interface.
It's about content. Picking up potentially most interesting content during the day which matches user's expectations . Think how television serves eary moring programmes and in the evening ''prime-time'' programming.
Still, on the internet is similar analogy not possible having in mind it's not broadcasting as we know it.

In the world of allways-on connections, people will be using more video and audio content on the internet.
Judging for myself, let's suppose, in the morning I'll be more willing to consume news/weather info doses and in the evening I'll be coming to my preffered web site ( networkd/ring) of choice looking for entertainment.
Brands who can give me such a ''complet'' daily experience will be my preffered media on the web. Sometimes it's tricky , though.

But in the reality , it's the abundance of information on the web that makes me to choose few content providers so I can quickly and efficiently get informed and entertained.


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