Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Silent and tired, but ON !

It is been my fault for not writing much.
Silent again and with reason , here on the site. Busy, again, busy !

My day job is pretty demanding lately. Lot's to do in my spare time. But I have been researching and reading a lot. So not completely out of blogosphere .

Short summary of some latest news around me:

- researching business press issues ( digital publishing related ) in and around Croatia, still, I see, how we in Croatia are lacking of inside knowledge to current trends in digital publishing, content and media, how we dont follow best practices on the web for the ventures , in summary, we lack KNOW-HOW, ( if they ever ask for giving advice to them ( to whom it goes ) , it'll cost them many times more than they got chance when they refused first time, my time is costly ;)
- making brainstorming with Dario about enhanced version of Blog.hr,
- having been in contact with Kemal Mujicic Kemo, blog traveler around Croatia, making for him visit blog cards ( still not delivered to him ),
- the days are shorter , my mood is lower and my body exhausted,
- got new dress equipment for my football team, we are very successful and improving, my legs are in better shape and condition and I am satisfied with my capabilities,
- found out that I need to attend more of cultural events
- I've been busy compailing business plan for my new hobby venture
- my blood pressure is still too high, need to lower daily coffee doses
- I do rare podcasting ( need to make a new one )
- I am laughing at out local politicians, so stupid decisions ( since I am , so to speak , insider in my local community but silent officer that doesn't rock the boat ;)
- got my new mobile number by Tele2, new mobile operator in Croatia, but still not using it, it's so called ''golden number'', easly remembered,
- today make up new name for my future band, it's great catchy name and I am very pleased with how it sounds,
- my digital camera is broken


noebius said...

blog.hr deffinetely sucks, I make redirect to blogger.com from it :-(
Tele2 is fine, I use it as SMS provider for networks that do not work with vip...

Zec said...

Nice to see you again here on my blog, noebius. I know you had outgrown blog.hr, but still, I think blog.hr is great, no matter of service interuption because of some other technical issues ,far from perfect but still it serves a lot of people with basic blogging needs.

noebius said...

Hi zec, me again. Well, problem is that it does not serve basic blogging needs, like keeping pictures on blog. Because after a while, a lot of people stay without they pictures - without explanation. I see that some most gifted bloggers start a blog again, but to re-enter 200 pictures from last year? No way, especialy after a need to re-enter old post few time a year :-( That is a problem - service is just not reliable.