Friday, 30 September 2005

Retail telephony

OpenWengo softphone should be clear winner among softphones in the future.
It is supported by Neuf Telecom, a french VOIP -to-PSTN carrier and worldwide community of developers. The concept which could bring more ''fruit'' so smart companies.

The main difference, for example, related to Skype or Gizmo is that it talks SIP , the source code is GPLed ( general public licence ) . Only the codecs are part of the problem which could be clear up with advent of free audio and video codecs.

Which brings me all to the old news that Skype was bought for 4 billions. Well, someone was smart and wise ;)
Let's suppose that softphone platforms are commodities. Is there a future for some sort of branding telephone services as a value added service ? Your favorite retailer or bank could provide you with telephone services in the future. Manufacturers of variouse devices could sell you device with telephony feature ?

Just some thoughts. We need still to get there. Best with open-sourced codecs in mind. Am I missing something or is it possible right now?

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