Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Experiment goes with introspection

Introspection is not enough

Experimental phase is important. We do experiments to test our hypothesis.
We need to work hard and have fun with our pilot program or beta phase.

a.) to test our assumtions, whether they are valid or not

b.) to see the effects, results and statistics

c.) to mark advantages and disadvatages

d.) to do split testing, see which assumtions are better

e.) to observe all related information, get explanation and reach conclusions

f.) to rank ideas according to success criteria.

If we fail, we must fail fast. If we're right, we must put our resources behind right idea and multiply.

Simple formula: observation --> explanation --> conclusion.

First, we do introspection in the form of white paper or short review / report and then move to experimentation.

The last step is presentation of the findings and reaching of consensus.

Go or no-go.

( note: this should be our corporate memo )

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