Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blogging anniversary - 10 years of persistance at Zec Online Journal

You can't blog me away

Time to celebrate a bit. It's more than 10 years of my blogging with and

The first blog post is dated January 19th 2002. It was very revealing for me, I still remember those days.

It was real epiphany. Writing on the Web without any technical knowledge for HTML or web design. After setting up my blog, It took me only few moments to publish my first post. At first, I wrote in croatian, later on from around mid 2005 , I started to write posts in english.

I fell in love with blogging and ''everything blog''.

Throught the years, I wrote blogs with TypePad, Moveable Type , and many other blog tools. I become an expert for this. Later on, consultant for blogging.

The crucial moment for me was in the summer of 2003. when I got mail from Dario Markus, a young and talented IT journalist at the time, who had similar dreams to mine.

He wanted to start blogging service in Croatia. At the time, blogging was almost unknown in southeastern Europe ( even in Western Europe ).

So we did it. went public in 2004. and it was extremelly popular blogging service which eventually became one of the most visited websites in Croatia. Later, the blogging service was sold to an american company.

I feel proud for my persistance and endurance on this Blogger-based blog which I write to these days.

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