Thursday, 22 April 2010

Project Management - Tools - Tier 1

Common sense tools ready at hand

Word - white paper, memorandum, letter, contract, checklist, to-do list, meeting minutes
Excel - PM resources planning, calculation
Outlook - Schedual
PowerPoint - presentation
Gmail - email / IM
Skype - calls, videoconferencing
OmniPlan ( Mac ) or Merlin2 ( Mac ) - PM software
iPhone - with Notes, voice recording, calculator
Web-based collaboration: activeCollab, Basecamp
Invoicing: Freshbooks
Publicity generation - blog, Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, free e-book, Scribe document sharing, podcast, SlideShare slide sharing
Moleskine notebook
Pen - Schneider
Dilbert comics for chill-out
Internet limitator ( limiting your internet surfing )
Weekend without phone, PC etc.

Evernote - collage
Google Reader - RSS feeds
Instapaper app - news
Flipboard - social news

Update on December 31st, 2010.
Vision board
VIP Vodafone USB stick
Dropbox - storing large files
Google Chrome - superb browser
Simplenote - note taking
uTorrent - bittorrent files
Audacity - audio recording
iTunes - managing audio files

101 Web Apps to help.

To be continued...

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