Saturday, 13 June 2009

Smartbooks are coming

Franken products showcased at Computex fair

Very well written and informative article about recent Computex fair in Taiwan.
So much new products are coming on the table. Many of them are so called Franken products and the trend is divergence.
Some points to highlight:

A small laptop with an Intel chip is normally called a netbook. But a netbook with a cellphone chip is called a smartbook, according to some companies

But based on what’s coming soon to a store near you, it seems that “divergence” may be the more apt moniker. There is now a quasi-laptop for just about every need and want.

Roger L. Kay, one of the most prominent analysts of the PC industry, described the new generation of machines as “Franken-products,” a reference to the monster cobbled together from various parts.

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