Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Shout'em comes with Android demo

Croatia is a hotbed of mobile startups right now. One to argue with me ? ;D

Proud to write about people that stand behind Shout 'Em.
It is an app made by croatian startup Fiveminutes that was showcased at the recent Mobile 2.0 event in Barcelona.

Shout'Em is platform on which you can easily start mobile social networking service ( hosted solution ) .
Now, how not to be proud when it is the first croatian start up coming in the mobile space in a big way.
To me , it sounds uber-cool mobile app ( still, I would like to see it on a handset and not emulator-only ). I have exchanged mails with them and soon to have meeting with them :)

The best of all, they already build Android demo ( see in emulator ).

Viktor Marohnic, one of the founders, wrote a post about his experience with Mobile 2.0 event:
We were one of 10 startups selected from 70 to give five minutes pitch. On top of that we were selected with two other startups to present our business plans in more details in front of the same group of investors. So that make it 3 from 70. Not bad :)

They could be creating mobile tool which will make life easier for all those people starting small social networks all around the world ( to make a bit comparison ; in a desktop and full browser world we have forums, newsgroups, twitts etc. ).
Interesting is here it could become one of the first apps to prove viability of Google's Android platform.

Hope they make through all obstacles and become global app.


Алексей (rewritoff) said...

To me , it sounds uber-cool mobile app ( still, I would like to see it on a handset and not emulator-only )

Xris said...

the author said: "Croatia is a hotbed of mobile startups right now. One to argue with me ? ;D"

Which other mobile startups are out there? We're doing a summit in Zagreb, and I'd like to know of more than just Shout'Em.


Zec said...

Maybe more they are mobile projects then startups ( it must be difference in cultures, not Sillicon Valey startups ;)) .

Many of these projects are undertaken by small business companies for big or overseas contractors ( or just one branch of a company ).

Beside Shout'em , one to watch , as a global project, is MobiExplore by established Gideon Multimedia ( flashlite travel guide ).

One to watch is ( Smartway brand in the field of mobile marketing .

One of the first worldwide m-parking systems are made by Zagreb's Rao d.o.o. ( established company, not startup ) and I belive they have many more ideas in the pipeline.

There are several companies that are developing for Windows Mobile Platform ( Hello World Calculator Service etc. ). Companies to watch: Mobendo, Citus.

Gisdata d.o.o. are making many inovative projects but most of them you want see them exposed in a public forums and conferences ;))
But, hey, they were four times at Mobile World Congress, so there's a chance they could be having something for showcasing.

May I know more about summit you are preparing ?
Invited ? :D

Xris said...

Hi Zec!

Thanks for the reply. You may be invited, but I still don't know who you are ;)

Moj email je christoph dot duerr at magenta-global dot com dot sg (sorry for anti-spam). Let me know more about yourself, maybe we can also chat by phone, the conference is still in preparation and I'm still working on the agenda. Would like to include mServices from the "customer" point-of-view, though - i.e., the city (mParking), public transport company (mTram) or bank (mPayments).

For the local mobile start-ups in Croatia, Serbia and SEE, I will see how I can fit them into the program.

Zec said...
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Zec said...

Neither I know who are you