Saturday, 29 May 2010

Punkt - Croatian Geolocation Mobile App - Zagreb, - As a result of partnership between croatian microblogging specialist Five Minutes Ltd. and digital publisher Europe Digital ( EPH )
My account: @zec

Here's how it looks on iPhone:

Social Media Growth - April 2010

Facebook - YoY growth = 30 % ( 6,4 times more than twitter )
Twitter - YoY growth = 10 %

Global Talent: TechXav.Com

From Singapore

A blog that I read, young and smart people talking.

Founded in February 2009, TechXav is a technology blog written by a group of young and zealous teenagers and we focused on publishing high-quality articles about the social web, cloud computing, semantic web, etc. Unlike any other technology blogs, we do not cover the latest news as we are not professional journalists and our timezone limits us from writing breaking news. We are currently headquartered in Singapore and our blog is managed by Xavier Lur (Founder & President) and Zhou Tong (Chief Executive Officer). is part of The TechXav Network. Find out more here.