Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

How to kill Putin ?

I do not know how to kill Putin.

Maybe my readers know ?

Maybe there is some group of people who brainstorm this action.

I don't know.

Somebody will question this, sooner or later. 

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Boutique Business Model

I follow and use business model called boutique.

Boutique is a business model, a filter through which you, as a business owner, make decisions. It's a business that isn't price sensitive, one that won't compromise the client experience to save a few dollars. It's competing on service, quality product and sensory experience rather than price.


Recruiters in boutique consultancies are also generally more specialised than their counterparts in larger firms. This is simply because size limitations mean it is impossible to have fingers in every pie. However, specialism when searching for certain profiles is essential, particularly when the profiles are reliant on soft skills as much as on paper qualifications (such as PA and Executive Assistant positions). 


Monday, 13 December 2021

Recruiting trends in 2022






TA in 2022

Reading and discussing perspectives of the industry in 2022. 

Talent aquisition teams ( TA teams ) - one of the goals in 2022.

- issues with hiring process

- language of job descriptions

- reevoluation of the talent management

- what is qualified candidate - new meanings

- where and how to source top talent

- action plan for improving hiring process

- new trends: 1. ) data-driven recruiting ( analytics and insights ), 2. ) Personalised and automatic nurturing of talent ( personal touch, CRM use ), 3. ) Rise of internal mobility ( focus on retaining employees, career path planning, upskilling , stipends for certificatioins, mentorship programs, move up ) ,  4. ) Employment engagement ( distributed workforce will stay, hybrid work, seen and heard by managers, 5.) Employee wellnes ( stop burnout, improve mental health ) 

Coffein Blogging

 The biggest booster for blog writing is sometimes hot drink with lots of coffein.

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Kegan Anthony Kline ? Bridge Guy ?

 Is it possible that  Kegan Anthony Kline is Anthony_Shots ?

Today is the Day !

Notes as they come:

- might be his profile - handle as well : emilyanne45 ( apparently step-sister ) - Emily Anne

- in jail and charged since August 2020. in Miami County


- 67 East Canal Street, Peru, Indiana, USA

- 27 years

- Who provides his alibi ?

- I wonder if Kelsi communicated with A_S as well, in these days ?

- since July 2016 he started Instagram and Snapchat profile

- when interviewed he said he was in Las Vegas until February 25th 2017.

- his FB account - date February 13th is modified to look like he's in Vegas. There is a notification icon by this post that it is changed in 2020.

- he was polygraphed - the girls he spoke were 15-17 years old, as per his saying, but later forensics proved he spoke with 12 and 13 year old girls

- he wanked to this pics and videos, as per his saying

- he did not give iPhone 5c during search to ISP, he did not know where it was, 2 days later he give them that phone

- Lead investigator was put in charge in April 2020 - David Vido.

- the results of the cyber crime unit -digital forensic exhamination . for were handed over to officer in June 12 th 2020.

- Prosecutor : Bruce Embrey or Jeff Sinkovics ?

- devices that are important: Samsung Galaxy S5 - factory reset around Feb 23th

- Apple iPhone 5c - crucial piece - deleted phone content on a day he gave it to ISP - uninstalled Snapchat, Instagram that day

- he had a girl in August 2020. and was located at her apartment.

- he deals weed in Vegas - May 2018.

- it is 100 his profile cause he is celebrating birthday as it is in affidavit May 27th

- he is Trump voter

Monday, 15 November 2021

Reveal Phone Number

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